Best +2 College in Lalitpur



Affiliated  to  the  National  Examination  Board (NEB) of  Nepal,  Moonlight  Secondary  School (MOLISS), Kumaripati, Lalitpur, is the result of the joint effort of principals of various renowned schools  and  highly  motivated  professors,  lecturers   and   educationists,  who  are  qualified, dedicated   and   experienced.  With  the  state-of-the-art  facilities,  MOLISS  is  committed  to providing quality education of the international standards. Besides, what MOLISS takes pride  in is its best teaching faculties who can create a deep impact in the students’ career and whole life. It offers education for the +2 level under NEB in Science, Humanities and Management streams with extra care in an effective way. Acknowledging the fact that the best schooling is therapeutic, supportive, collaborative and proactive, MOLISS believes in providing the sound environment for the students’ overall development which will, in turn, bring about a sense of responsibility, social welfare  and  competence  in  them  to  face  the  challenges  of the 21st century. MOLISS firmly believes  that  with  the  right  environment every  student with normal mental abilities can learn and produce good results.

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To be the center of learning for the students who aspire to be globally competitive.

To provide with quality education thereby instilling a sense of responsibility, love and fraternity in the students.

Together We Can  

MOLISS strictly follows the curriculum designed and prescribed by the National Examinations Board of Nepal for the credit courses. 

Advisory Committee 

Prof.Dr.Santosh Raj Poudel 

Prof.Dr.Bal krishna Sapkota

Prof.Dr.Shankar saran karki

Prof.Bijay Gopal Shrestha

Associate Prof.Dr.Dilip Parajuli

Associate Prof.Dr.Gopal Man Pradhan

Associate Prof.Prakash man Shrestha



   Arun Kumar K.C  (Exucative Director)      

   Ishwar Bahadur Gurung  (Principal)    

   Pramod Kumar Chaudhary   (Vice Principal) 

   Rajiv Kumar Chaudhary   (In Charge)       

   Kamal kr. Adhikari    (In Charge)



Member Schools

     1. Pragati Adarsh  English School  (Ramesh Shakya - Director)                                

     2. Anant Secondary School (Gopal Prasad Ghimire - Principal)                                

     3. Gyan Shikha Boarding School ( Ram Babu Adhikari - Principal)                           

     4. Suryodaya Sai Secondary School (Yugal Mukhiya - Principal)                               

     5. Kalyan Secondary School (Shyam Karki - Principal)                                               

     6. Kanchan Secondary School ( Navaraj Mahat - Principal)                                        

     7. Nava Suryodaya English Secondary School (Bijay Maharjan - Principal)