Best +2 College in Lalitpur

College offers the NEB Affiliated +2 program.Students can choose the following combined subjects:

 Grade XI  Grade XII
Compulsory English Compulsory English 
Physics  Compulsory Nepali 
Chemistry  Physics 
Basic Mathematics  Chemistry 
Biology or Computer Science Biology or Computer Science or Basic Mathematics 


Enrollment Eligibility

Students with at least B Grade in the SEE examinations and 50% in the entrance Examinations.

Prior to getting enrolled in MOLISS, the eligible students have to sit fir the entrance test. The test will be conducted in following Subjects:

English:          30%
Mathematics:  30%
Science:         30%
GK / IQ:         10%


Enrollment Procedure

The Eligible students have to fill up the admission form and sit for the entrance test.

As they get through the test, they have to sit for an interview with their parents.

Then, they have to enroll themselves within three days submitting the following documents

1. A copy of SEE Grade Sheet.
2. A copy of Character Certificate
3. Two PP size photos

Note: The management will not be bound to take in the students after all the seats are occupied even though they have met the eligibility criteria.





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