Best +2 College in Lalitpur


Message From Principal

Ishwar Bahadur Gurung


Dear Guardians and Students,

Welcome to MOLISS

First of all, I would like to congratulate you for the grand success in the SEE! After the academic success at school level, it is the time for selecting an institution, which offers a conductive and opportune environment that lets the enthusiastic learners develop their potentialities. This is, therefore, an illusionary state, a state of confusion and dilemma. As a Principal, I am committed to set up promoting environment as you have desired and required. We are fully committed to offer our students a conquering channel to the next episode of their academics. Since 2007 AD MOLISS has been imparting quality education, being established as a brand in the Kathmandu Valley. Every year, many students from different corners of the country choose this institution as their academic platform; obtain success and prepare themselves for the higher studies.

Our students have occupied significant positions in medical, engineering, IT, management and many other social sectors. Their enrolment in both national and international reputable institutions exhibits the academic environment at MOLISS. Behind the scene, the social and personal attributes that they develop here are immeasurable. We are incessant, relentless and committed. The academic legacy that MOLISS has established is not whimsical nor a dubious imitation. It is the manifestation of long experience of a team of academicians - researched, planned experimented and revised.

There is a very thin line of demarcation among discipline, liberty and delinquency and every year we have to deal with juveniles, who have come from diverse socio-cultural, geographical and economic statuses. We are very serious in maintaining a disciplined environment, without violating the norms of individual liberty. Each child is respected. Here we are committed to developing overall personality and various aspects of the students and grooming them as successful human resources in the future. Beyond classrooms, we also provide platforms and encourage our students to participate to the fullest possible extent in the intellectual, social, cultural and other extra-curricular activities.

With the change in education policy, the prior higher secondary level has been integrated in school education. MOLISS is prepared for this academic transformation too. No stone will be left unturned to cope up with any challenges and new developments.

Eventually, I would like to request you to visit MOLISS in person. Please like our facebook page; visit our website or visit the concerned college authorities. MOLISS is your institution. Join your hands with ours.