Best +2 College in Lalitpur

Our Values

Medium of Instruction
English is the medium of instruction at MOLISS except for the Nepali classes.


MOLISS holds that discipline is the great, if not the sole, objective of education. Hence students are supposed to be well disciplined in and outside MOLISS and they should abide by the codes of conduct of MOLISS.


Code of Conduct
Students will have to study the codes of conduct of MOLISS prior to signing on the admission form. A of codes of conduct will be provided to the students on the Orientation Day as well.


Teaching Methodology
MOLISS believes that teaching is more a conversation than a lecture. In other words, we, at MOLISS, encourage interactive, participatory, research oriented and student-friendly teaching and learning environment. Our teaching, thus, includes Lecture, Case Study, Project Work, Tutorial Classes, Group Discussion, Peer Teaching and Guest Lecture.


MOLISS provides counseling to the students in the following areas:
• Personal
• Academic 
• Career
• Abroad Study


Teaching Aids
In order to supplement the above activities, apart from the usual classroom aids, NEF also encourages the teachers to use multimedia projectors, charts, online tutorials, hands out, audio visuals, etc. in the teaching and learning process.